Enjoy organic foods in a typical Mongol tent. 
The refuge is closed now.
See you next year!

The mountain hut is situated at 2056m of altitude, facing the impressive mountain called Taillefer and National Parc of the Ecrins.

During the summer you will find a flock of 2000 sheep, a few dozen horses grazing freely, as well as marmots, chamois, deer, and birds like eagles and vultures.The hut is entirely self-sufficient thanks to its solar panels for electricity, and its spring water.
Every year in June, a helicopter drops off everything we need to last a season, and for fresh local goods we make a weekly hike down in the valley with our donkey.

We can accommodate 35 people, and New: 2 tempt Inuit from 2 to 3 persons, for more intimacy.

Our little village consists of:

- a dormitory of 18 beds and a tent for 12 people.
- a very large yourt heated with an old French mountain stove, for meals and late nights.
- a bird's nest sized yourt for the keepers.
- a kitchen where your organic meals are prepared.
- a fresh shower.
- a dry toilet.